SEO Trends Coming in 2022

Regardless of the industry, products, and services, every company should implement a strong and effective SEO strategy for their business. SEO is necessary for your business to be visible online, and allows more customers to recognize your company, and enhances the potential of a sale.

With the rapid growth of SEO, some approaches and techniques are becoming popular, and every small business should take advantage of this trend to be successful.

Here are some SEO variables and trends to expect in the year 2022:


SEO will ensure that your website is accessible at all times. It ensures that all users can see, navigate, and engage with your website, and covers any disabilities that may affect how a user interacts with it.

Here are 3 key benefits of SEO that allows full Accessibility of your website:

  • Customers can easily navigate your website
  • Improve customer’s experience
  • Customers can quickly find the information they are looking for

This serves as a 24/7 marketing technique for your business.

Voice Search

Voice search is a voice recognition method that enables users to do searches using their capable devices by speaking straight to them. Voice searches on Google have increased in popularity in recent years, therefore adding voice search into SEO is a requirement.

Here are the potential benefits of using Voice Search in your SEO strategy:

  • High-rank positions on search engine result pages.
  • More traffic and more sale conversion potentials.
  • Grow the target audience and raise the credibility of your website.

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Featured Snippets

On the first search results page, Google will provide highlighted snippets for a variety of search queries. Snippets are little pieces of content from your website that are relevant to people’s searches.

A featured snippet is made up of several content components from the landing page that are ranked in the snippet as follows:

  • Text snippet
  • Video snippet
  • List snippet
  • Table snippet

Video Content

Video can be a very effective form of content if handled appropriately, and it may contribute significantly to your overall SEO strategy. When Google displays a video thumbnail next to a search result, people are more likely to click on it to quickly obtain the information they want. The video alone is likely to have an impact on your ranking, as well as other variables that play into Google’s selection process.

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Be Mobile Ready

Statista, a website that gathers data around the world, indicates that from 2021, over 90 percent of the global internet population use a mobile device to go online. With that percentage, having a mobile-friendly SEO plan in place for your business is a requirement. It will boost your website’s traffic and expand your audience even further.

The following are some of the advantages of having a mobile-friendly SEO:

  • Enhances the user experience
  • Responsive On All Types Of Devices
  • Decreases Website Bounce Rate
  • Improves Mobile Conversions

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