Adjusting Your SEO Strategy for AEO

By now, as a marketing professional, you’re probably familiar with the term search engine optimization (SEO). You’re probably less familiar with the term answer engine optimization (AEO), however it has become even more important than SEO. To understand why, you must know the differences between them and how to modify your SEO strategy.

How SEO Strategy and AEO Differ

The primary purpose of SEO is to lead people searching for specific terms online to a business website. With AEO, the purpose shifts to optimizing the website with answers to common and specific questions of online searchers. It also takes the explosive popularity of voice search into consideration. After focusing on SEO strategy for so many years, it can be a challenge to change your marketing mindset to AEO.

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Conducting Common Questions Research

It can take some research and practice to understand how people search for items using their voice rather than typing a query into a search engine. For example, someone looking for a carpet cleaner in Toledo might Google “carpet cleaning Toledo” while a person using voice search might say, “Show me the best carpet cleanerr in Toledo.” The information below includes additional considerations for AEO.

Considering Keyword Length for Voice Inquiries

Here are some tools that can assist you in locating potential questions your customers might ask.

  • Quora: To make the most of this well-known question and answer service, check by niche, keyword, and topic to find questions to include on your website.
  • Rank Tracker: After entering relevant keywords for your business, this tool will return a list of possibilities for questions.
  • Serpstat: You can use this tool to enter niche keywords and receive a list of questions grouped by parameters you determine.

Optimizing Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is content that appears above all other results on the search engine results page. Ranking here increases the likelihood of online searchers reading only your company’s message and going directly to your website for answers.

Using HTML5 to Divide Site Pages

This coding gives each page of your business website a specific role by dividing it into sections. The purpose is to inform the search engines what to display when selecting information in response to search queries.

Establish Your Credibility

Both SEO and AEO share a goal of establishing your brand’s credibility by showing answer engines that your website contains authoritative sources of information. You can do this by building brand authority and including five or more third-party reviews, inbound links, and positive mentions.

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