3 Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated SEO Specialist

When your website needs search engine optimization (SEO), you have three choices. You can study it yourself and learn based on trial and error. You can hire a full-time employee for your organization or provide paid training for one of your current employees. Or you can work with an independent contractor or firm that specializes in SEO. It might be tempting to try and handle needs in-house, but doing so could throw your SEO efforts under the bus. Find out how hiring a dedicated SEO specialist can optimize your content, empower your marketing campaigns and consistently increase profits.

SEO Specialists Handle A Range of Tasks

One of the reasons it’s so difficult for business owners to manage SEO on their own is the huge number of responsibilities involved. You’re focused on running your business. Your employees already have full-time responsibilities. A dedicated SEO specialist does the following:

  • Researching your objectives. They don’t start working until they first understand your goals, competition, niche products and brand characteristics.
  • Optimizing web pages. They know what on-page elements search engines analyze and how to tweak each one to be attractive to bots. They know the difference between LSI keywords, stem keywords, keyword synonyms and keyword phrases so you don’t have to. They understand how to restructure tags, images and formatting for maximum effectiveness.
  • Evaluating user experience. Google and other search engines want to provide value to the user. When people come to your website, if they find what they’re looking for and stay to look around, your ranking will improve. SEO specialists read data like page abandonment, bounce time and click through rates and make changes that don’t just draw more views, they entice people to stay.
  • Improving local SEO. Most businesses may not be able to compete with Wal-Mart and Amazon, but they can establish a strong local presence. Your SEO specialist will handle your Google My Business profile, Google Maps listing, and other factors that improve ranking within your geographic region.

Good SEO Is a Long-Term Assignment

If you built and continue to run a successful business, you have drive, commitment and intelligence. You learn quickly and you know your business and your customers better than anyone else. If SEO were a matter of focusing extreme effort for a limited time, you could handle it yourself. However, search engine optimization is an ongoing commitment. It takes months before you see the needle move and requires frequent adjustments and updates to maintain progress.

SEO experts start by submitting your sites to search engines and making key webpage adjustments, but that’s just the beginning of the journey. After that, they’ll build the backlinks that weigh heavily in search engine ranking. They’ll use blogging and other content to build your online presence and help develop a winning social media strategy.

They’ll monitor the metrics that show how each effort impacts SEO and provide you with regular reports so you can see how their efforts drive conversions. They’ll monitor trends and the changes that happen several times a week to constantly keep your business on the cutting edge.

Avoid the Consequences of Inferior SEO

When you’re deciding whether or not to hire an expert, ask yourself if your business can afford to be pages behind the competition on search. What if clients Google products or services you provide, and your competitors are the first several listings they find? You consistently lose income.

You wouldn’t hand your business’s accounting or legal responsibilities to an amateur. For those you hire the most qualified professional you can afford, because you know the cost of doing otherwise is more than you can pay. Poorly executed SEO causes you to drop in rankings, and unethical SEO could get your site completely banned from search engines.

Move your business to the top of the list by hiring a dedicated SEO specialist. Toledo SEO for Growth can help you achieve your business and SEO goals.

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