5 Things to Know About SEO in 2021

When used right, SEO, or search engine optimization, is an efficient and effective way to draw in consumers to various online platforms. Anyone who has ever utilized these techniques can tell you that the world of optimization is continually evolving. Staying on top of 2021 SEO trends and innovations can be challenging.

It is worth noting that up to 80% of users primarily focus on organic results while paying no heed to paid listings. More importantly, studies have shown that about 28% of those searches are converted into sales.

Attention to metrics including backlinks, traffic, and shares (to name some examples) are essential to getting top ranking performance for your SEO in 2021.

This quick guide can provide insights into the most pertinent and timely trends for SEO in 2021.

Improvements on Predictive Search

Google launched a new and unique way of searching in 2017. This is called Google Discover. It is another of Google’s AI-driven tools that can identify the behavioral patterns of users. Most of these are gradually learned habits. Thanks to the gathered info, Discover can identify content that accurately interests users.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Play a Role in SEO

AI is quickly changing the way people respond to online content. The Google RankBrain algorithm was released a couple of years back, and it currently plays an integral part in the ranking factors for search engine result pages on Google.

Senior Google scientist Greg Corrado, a developer for RankBrain, previously revealed the machine’s unique capacity to learn. Presumably, this means that the RankBrain can only get better in time, making AI a top 2021 SEO trend to watch for.

So how does one go about optimizing SEO with the use of RankBrain? Many experts believe that the primary determinant is user input and action. Factors for this could include click-through rates and the time users spend on a page.

Search Rankings Will Be Impacted by Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile-first indexing was introduced in 2019 by Google. This allows a search engine to look at a website’s mobile version and consider this as the primary site rather than the version created for desktop.

Since over 70% of internet users access the internet primarily through mobile devices, the changes make absolute sense. Site owners can access “mobile usability” to check if the page is user friendly.

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Video Inclusion as Effective SEO Strategy

Media files in the form of videos are becoming a highly popular SEO in 2021 trend. With YouTube having more than one billion users, it’s clear how videos are the way forward. So how do you optimize video content? Names, descriptions, and tags should utilize user-friendly keywords to make the content easily searchable.

Voice Searches for Queries

Virtual assistants are fast becoming an integral part of turning homes into smart homes. Devices like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa have revolutionized the way people use speakers, especially when conducting search queries.

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To optimize a website for voice search, make sure to include keywords and key phrases that people are more likely to use. Keep in mind that a person is more likely to use a complete sentence when using voice search than when typing.

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