SEO for Growth During COVID-19: Why Now Is a Great Time to Plant Your Digital Seeds

In these uncertain times, small business owners can view their marketing efforts in much the same way as gardeners do – as a time to get their hands dirty. With regular business temporarily impacted by the current challenges, cultivating your digital landscape is what will prepare you for the future. In fact, it’s doubly important in today’s environment to plant the digital seeds that will provide you with a harvest when we emerge from this. Like a garden, it can take months for the first seeds of your marketing campaign to sprout, so be patient and invest the quiet time your business may be experiencing into marketing success for the future.

How to Use This Time Wisely

One thing COVID-19 has taught us all is that you can’t fully prepare for everything the global economy might throw at you. However, there are several steps you can take in the SEO and marketing realm to prepare your business for the end of the current situation.

Use these simple, actionable steps to help guide you through…

Focus on SEO for Growth

By now, you know the importance of appearing at or near the top of the SERPs. Craft blogs with keywords and SEO in mind, ensure snippets include keywords, and do an overall website analysis for ranking. With Google’s EAT update, it’s the perfect time to ensure your voice is working toward being an authority in your industry.

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Maintain or Increase Your Current Digital Efforts

Digital marketing and SEO investments take time. The decisions you make now will impact your returns months later. Focus on tracking and analysis of the tactics you’re using now. Consider ways to boost them during this unprecedented time.

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Renew Social Media Marketing

Between telecommuting, virtual classrooms, and social distancing, people are spending more time than ever online. Make sure your presence remains strong and continue to demonstrate your authority in the industry. As much as possible, be a voice of positivity. Considering the current news cycle, your followers will be more grateful for a smile than ever.

Consider Adding Video or Webinars

If you have expertise in a particular area, consider adding video content or even conducting a webinar that helps your customer base – especially if you can’t serve them physically. Video can help boost your SEO efforts and get your name out there on YouTube searches while targeting long tail keywords. In addition, they provide excellent, shareable content for social media, blogs, and media releases.

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“The Hidden Potential of Google My Business”

The Hidden Potential of Google My Business

Update Your Google My Business Listing

Recently, Google announced several changes it was making to how it handled GMB profiles in light of COVID-19. Primarily, it has temporarily halted the review feature and allowed businesses to add pertinent information within their business titles and Google Posts. Ensure you’re keeping your audience up to date with any services you’re offering at this time and remain in constant communication to stay front-of-mind with your base.

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Plant Your Digital Seeds Now

Gardeners can’t afford to take things easy now – if planting ceases, the garden lies fallow. SEO works the same way – a digital campaign is a long game, and it starts by planting seeds today to sprout in the days to come. While many small business owners continue to hunker down, it’s more important than ever to realize that this, too, shall pass. When we’re on the other side of the COVID-19 situation, the last place you want to be in your SEO for growth efforts is starting over from scratch. Instead, prepare now by planting the digital seeds that will make you more findable than ever in the future.

As many businesses are looking for ways to stay busy during this challenging time, investing in SEO for growth is a crucial first step to staying busy on the other side. Now is an ideal time to get started.

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