Why Is Link Building Important in 2020?

As a successful business owner, you understand how crucial content marketing and keyword research are in SEO action plans. Another key strategy to remember is link building, which continues to play an important part in SEO development. Algorithm updates, such as Google’s Penguin, continue to change the playing field, making it essential to not only understand linking but to optimize its use in your SEO action plan.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is about building relationships—specifically, relationships between your website and other websites through hyperlinks. These links help establish your website as a quality resource and increase your standing in Google rankings.

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Search engines use hyperlinks to discover new pages within a website or to travel to a page on a different website. By including a link to content on your site, a website is signifying a vote of confidence, and the search engine will recognize this and raise your ranking. The more high-quality websites that link to your page, the higher your ranking.

Benefits of Link Building

Focusing on link building as a part of your SEO strategy offers your business several benefits.

  • Links from other sites to yours help raise your SEO rankings.
  • It helps to build relationships with influencers within your industry, raising the esteem for your company.
  • Links to other websites help build your brand as an authority, especially using quality content creation.
  • Links can provide referrals from other businesses and increase customer traffic from like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as your current customer base.

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Types of Link Building

There are three important types of link building you can use to appeal to the algorithm bots. Remember, your links should be as organic and natural as possible.

  • Inbound links are links to your site that come from other websites. These are the most sought after because they lead to the most significant ranking increases. Inbound links require you to develop a relationship with the other site owner and show them the value of your content, so they will link to your site. You want to find the influencers within your industry to leverage their exposure.
  • Outbound linking to other websites should feel natural within the content of your page. Keep in mind that you want to make sure the sites you choose are high quality to avoid a lowering of search engine ranking.
  • Internal links within your site help users navigate from one page to another. They can increase traffic to pages that are deeper within your website instead of linking to the home page.

Link Building Strategies

When developing a strategy to incorporate link building into the SEO plan for your business, keep it natural and authentic. The relationships you build should reflect positively on your business and align with your customer base.

There are several ways to go about link building, including:

  • Guest posting on other websites with a similar audience can open your business up to a whole new group of potential buyers. Building a relationship with the site owner can also link you to other opportunities.
  • Reclaiming broken links involves finding links to pages on your site that no longer exist and fixing them or replacing them with new content and links. You can also search broken links outside of your site and offer to replace them with your content.
  • Becoming an authority on a topic or a niche will set you apart when outside websites are looking for links to improve their SEO. As you develop that reputation, other influencers will be confident in being associated with your brand.

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