How to Improve SEO with AI

SEO has become far more complex than keyword stuffing and moving on. Optimizing your business within search algorithms is a multi-faceted process, which aims to deliver the user with the most relevant content possible. So, if you’d like your content to rank, it’s important to incorporate AI (artificial intelligenceartificial intelligence) into your SEO strategy.

When it comes to organic searches, AI has had a substantial impact. Using AI-powered tools, modern businesses have been able to increase search traffic, increase rankings (for both new and existing topics), better manage local and global search listings alike, as well as scale and automate some of the most common SEO activities.

AI and SEO Techniques

While AI can’t take care of SEO in its entirety, it has only become more important for businesses to incorporate AI-powered tools into their SEO strategy. Search engines themselves rely heavily on AI as a means to generate and deliver results. With Google, for example, AI is used to decide how certain content ranks and who that content is delivered to. Plus, using AI, SEO tools are capable of doing more with less and with an efficiency going beyond what manual SEO is capable of.

If you want to keep up with the demands of modern SEOmodern SEO, it’s crucial that your business gains a competitive advantage through the effective use of AI-powered tools.

Ways That AI Can Be Used to Improve SEO

By using AI tools to craft conversational content in response to voice searches, you can take advantage of one of the fastest-growing forms of search query. In fact, in 2020, it’s predicted that as many as 4.2 billion digital voice assistants were used in devices worldwide. By the year 2024, however, it’s projected that that number may rise to a whopping 8.4 billion devices.

The use of voice-activated devices is more common than ever before, and it’s only growing more popular. As such, it’s vital to take voice SEO, or VSEO, into account. Since questions dominate the majority of voice searches, you can optimize for VSEO most effectively by answering the questions that are currently being asked. For that, AI-powered tools are able to help.

Certain AI tools, such as Frase, can be employed to aid in the creation of VSEO optimized content. With these tools, you can gain a clearer understanding of which questions are actually being asked. Then, you know just what content to focus on when developing VSEO-optimized content.

Because voice search is innately conversational, you might also consider an AI-powered tool like Hemingway. With this particular tool, you’ll be given AI-generated insight into hard-to-read (non-conversational) passages, which can be vital to developing effective VSEO-optimized content.

Additionally, you can use AI-powered tools to improve content creation and optimization. When given a target keyword, these particular tools will quickly find what content has been created around that keyword. Through uncovering this information, you’ll be better equipped to find exploitable gaps in content, uncover trending topics, and gain a better grasp on how many sections you should be including.

Content Clusters and AI Tools

In order to optimize your content even further, AI tools can help you to build content clusters answering user questions, learn the perfect length of content by topic, and use keywords correctly. AI-powered software can also help with technical SEO, including SEO scaling. Using tools like Alli AI, you’ll be able to conduct site audits, instantly optimize content, and correct issues of duplicate content.

Through analyzing top-performing content, AI-powered tools aid in scaling content creation. Build effective content strategies quicker and more easily than ever before— plus, you can save yourself time and energy in the long run.

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