Generate More Website Traffic with the Latest Google My Business Updates

Google offers business owners an easy way to claim their companies’ online pages and reach the right customers through Google search results. Google My Business is a fantastic tool that allows business owners to easily track their success in Google searches, make necessary adjustments, and track performance over time. Google constantly updates the Google My Business tool, and, if you haven’t seen or accounted for the most recent updates, you could be missing opportunities for increased web traffic.

New Google My Business Updates to Try

Since Google commands the lion’s share of all internet searches, the team at Google is constantly tweaking the Google Search algorithm to ensure a level playing field for every website advertising on the site. Google also consistently works toward improving features like the Google My Business tool. Many brand marketers have overlooked these relatively new additions, so you could potentially gain an edge over your competitors by implementing them sooner rather than later.

Welcome Offers

Google My Business now allows easy configuration of promotional offers for first-time visitors to a website. Google incentivizes potential customers to do business with you by providing Welcome Offers, which can be a fantastic web traffic driving force for any newer company. The Google Welcome Offer system also allows customers to follow your brand, keeping them updated with your most recent product offerings, promotional offers, sales, and content.

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Quote Requests

Businesses can use the new “Request a Quote” tool to capture and convert leads more easily. A customer can find your business and request a quote straight from the Google search page, streamlining the shopping process and offering a memorable, valuable customer interaction with your site. Business owners should enable messaging through the Google Business dashboard so they receive alerts when Google users request quotes for this tool.

Google Assistant Functionality

More searches are happening on mobile devices than ever before, so you can capitalize on this and offer streamlined customer experiences with Google Assistant functionality. Enabling this feature will allow Google users to activate their Google Assistants to place orders, leave messages, or ask questions. Google Assistant offers easy customization options for users. Enabling this feature will allow users to place orders and interact with your brand easily using their voices.

Auto-Generated Original Content

Regardless of what type of business you operate, you need to produce some type of content for your audience and for the search engine bots that rank pages based on update history and content quality. One of the recent updates to the Google My Business tool set is the automatic content generation tool; business owners can easily use this tool to select customer reviews and publish them as original content with just a few clicks.

Place Topics

This feature is great for Google searchers and the businesses listed on Google. By analyzing past reviews, this new feature posts topics related to your brand. It essentially functions as a tag cloud, allowing users to easily see a snapshot of the words and phrases most commonly associated with your brand. Be aware, however, that you cannot add tags or alter the tag list in any way; if you receive a string of reviews with similar negative connotations, you may not be able to remove the negative tags without removing the reviews that generated them.

Automatic Answers for User Questions

Google publishes questions and answers for every business listed on Google. Users can ask questions about product performance, service times, quality, and customer service. When a user starts typing a question, the updated Automatic Answer generation tool will begin pulling reviews related to the user’s question, streamlining the research process and increasing the chances of conversion.

Modern customers take time to research brands before doing business with them, and most of them can conduct this research with a few clicks on their smartphones from virtually anywhere. It’s incredibly important for businesses to capitalize on this micro-interactions and cultivate trust with potential customers from their very first interactions. Explore the latest tools available on Google My Business and think of ways to leverage them for your brand.

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