4 Geofencing Tips

Businesses today have learned the importance of strategically targeting the right customers in the right area. Through the use of a technique known as geofencing, it is possible for a business to take advantage of their location and to reach the customers at the perfect time. Of course, the process is complicated and it can be difficult to understand all of the nuances of geofencing. The tips that follow can help to make the process of effective geofencing much easier.

Always Be Transparent

When people download and use a geofencing app, they want to know exactly what they are getting and what types of information you will be sending to them. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your company is always very clear on just how the brand will be interacting with the customers through the application. Provide transparency regarding the types of messages customers will be receiving and the information your company will use regarding the customer’s geolocation. Failure to be transparent has the potential to provide negative associations with your company.

Always Create Clear Messages

The aim of geofencing is to get people to come into your store in the majority of cases. Therefore, you want the messages that you provide to your customers to be as clear and as inviting as possible, and you need the customers to understand that they are location-based. This ensures they know what they are getting and that the notifications are actually relevant to them. It also increases the chance of the customer opening the notifications and making use of them.

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Always Create a Call to Action with the Advertisement

Another tip that helps to increase the chance of a customer actually following through with a message they receive is having a call to action. You need to do more than just tell the customers when one of your stores is near their current location. They need to have a call to action that gives people a reason to come into your store right then. It might be a sale that you have going, or a discount, for example.

Never Overwhelm the User with Notifications

Customers do not like to be inundated with notification. In fact, this can make them delete your application. While geofencing is a powerful tool, sending too many notifications will end up creating a poor image of your company in the mind of the user. Only send messages when they are relevant.

By keeping these simple geofencing tips in mind, it can help to improve the success of your business.

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