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patrick_giammarcoPatrick Giammarco is a master-level marketing expert with more than twenty years of experience, including corporate marketing and branding for Fortune 50 consumer product and software companies. Currently, he is the owner of PWG Marketing, a marketing agency in Toledo, Ohio.

Patrick obtained a bachelor degree in Marketing from Bowling Green State University and holds an MBA in Marketing from The University of Toledo. Patrick’s unique approach to crafting tailored digital marketing solutions allows clients to avoid the typical frustrations that often accompany fragmented, unfocused, “traditional” marketing techniques. Powered by Duct Tape Marketing, Patrick and his team develops and implements a systematic approach to marketing that includes:

  • Integrated inbound marketing campaigns tailored to Ideal Clients
  • Branding consultation to create fluid and poignant brand imaging
  • Content marketing publishing and strategies to provide valuable, consistent content for customers – both returning and potential
  • Public relations initiatives to seize local opportunities for brand exposure
  • Social media platforms that allow personalized engagement with customers
  • SEO services that ensure clients rank high in search engine results
  • Website development services that guarantee clients’ websites convey quality and their brands’ image
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Lead nurturing that helps turn every “maybe” into a “yes”
  • Comprehensive analytics so clients can track which marketing efforts are working and which need improvement

Digital marketing is a constantly shifting landscape, and Patrick utilizes a holistic approach that eschews traditional marketing tactics for customized marketing solutions. Typical “lite” marketing strategies often involve interruptive and untargeted marketing efforts that are often ignored and may drive potential customers away – the exact opposite of what an effective digital marketing campaign should do.

Under Patrick’s guidance, Toledo SEO for Growth has evolved into a hybrid marketing agency that develops integrated inbound marketing campaigns. By identifying a target customer archetype, Patrick develops marketing strategies that appeal to an ideal customer base on a variety of platforms with a specialized focus on content production, inbound marketing strategies, and social media engagement. Toledo SEO for Growth provides the innovation demanded by today’s constantly shifting digital marketing world.

Why Patrick?

He has an undergraduate degree and MBA specializing in marketing

This allows him to look at businesses strategically. Even though you will be working on your marketing together, you can’t just focus on one component. Patrick has almost 20 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning and looking at a business holistically.

Marketing is also about numbers–if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. Every marketing dollar that a small business owner spends needs to be measured and its return (hopefully positive) on investment identified. Patrick is comfortable with numbers and can help set those metrics and teach small businesses how to use them.

He has worked in corporate marketing at larger companies

Patrick’s corporate work experience includes marketing and product management at Libbey Inc. and Calphalon, as well as strategic marketing positions at Microsoft and The University of Toledo. He has also worked closely with brands such as Coca-Cola™ and NASCAR to ensure brand and graphic standard policies were adhered to.

Patrick also understands that the needs of big business are different than the needs of small business. Many times small business owners try to use “corporate” marketing strategies that are expensive, time consuming and, ultimately, ineffective. He can help you avoid those mistakes.

He has worked in small business

Patrick understands the challenges that you face as a small business owner. Having worked in his family’s small business, Patrick understands your frustration with marketing. Having been on both sides, he is able to share with you the strategies that allowed him to shift his views of marketing to that of an investment. Patrick can help you implement and enjoy building a marketing process.

He writes a marketing and SEO blog with topics such as:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Local SEO/Local Search
  • Google My Business
  • Google E.A.T.
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)
  • And more!…

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