How Custom Labels Can Mimic Web Design for Broader Reach

Today’s custom labels and packaging do more than communicate to potential customers about the contents of each package. When approached in the right way, packaging and labeling can display just how on-trend or innovative your product is, share details about your company’s history, or even invoke a certain mood or emotion in the viewer. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider looking at the field of web design for essential cues to designing product labeling.

How to Construct a Powerful Label

Just as web design is based on producing a strong response in the user – engaging the viewer visually to present a common problem the user may have and then guiding the user to solving that problem by purchasing a product or service the company offers – you’ll need to develop a powerful packaging label to evoke a similar response from your potential clients. These web design strategies will boost your approach to labels and packaging:

Always Use an Appropriate Color Palette

Color theory, or the study of the psychological impact of colors, is a popular tool for web designers for a reason. Each color can affect human mood and perception in a different way. Utilizing colors that mesh with the effects you want your product to have on potential clients is an important consideration when designing your labeling. Choose energetic colors like red or orange for products meant to stimulate the senses, peaceful colors for those meant to relax, and black and white for an upscale, professional feel.

Tell a Story with Your Design

The best websites reveal important information about the company behind them, such as history, the story of a product’s development, and more. In a similar fashion, you can use product labeling to tell the story of your brand or product. People crave connection, and storytelling allows you to engage and connect with potential buyers on a deeper level.

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Stay Abreast of the Trends

Ask a web designer the number one way to make a potential customer bounce off a website without a second look, and you’ll likely hear some variation of “a clearly outdated web page.” The same goes for your label design – you’ll want to keep up on labeling trends to ensure you’re not using a design that unfairly dates your product. Ideally, your label should convey that your company is ready to serve customers in 2020 and beyond.

Whether you’re designing for SEO, product reach, or safeguarding against high bounce rates or excessive shelf time, some of the same key principles come into play. Modern labeling will help your product garner the attention it deserves, and attention to the above details will assist you ensuring your labeling exerts a powerful effect on your potential customers.

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