Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

SEO, or search engine optimization, is often a big focus for people with a website. SEO is important, because all the SEO techniques you use, when successful, draw people to your website, and once they are there, they now have a chance to see what service or product it is you are offering. This is the whole point of SEO; attracting people to the virtual storefront that is your website and giving them the opportunity to do business and engage with you. That’s where online conversion rate optimization comes in.

Conversion Rate Optimization – Taking the Next Step

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process by which a visitor takes some positive action that you are deliberately aiming for.

CRO is all about the critical transition from a curious visitor searching for answers, to a decisive user that is taking you up on your offer.

This offer may range from signing up for an e-mail newsletter, creating a new user account, buying something from your online store, or contacting you about a consultation or questions about a specific service you offer. In other words, CRO is when you have a goal for a particular web page or piece of content, and that web page or content achieves its intended goal and has a visitor take the desired action.

If you’re ready to start thinking about this next crucial phase, there are a few CRO best practices you can follow to help with conversion rate optimization.

Use Real Testimonials

Word of mouth is still a powerful influencer. If, somewhere on your website, you can include actual testimonials, including photos and other means of verification, this will go a long way towards convincing people of your value and legitimacy as a business.

People feel more confident when they see actual customer reviews, so if you have some that can proudly promote your business, make use of them. Do not, however, try to create fake testimonials. People are very good at ferreting false praise from the real thing.

Offer Something Free

When it comes to sales, “free” is a magic word. Offering something for free tends to make people sit up and take notice, even if the thing being offered might not have initially been of interest. If you can offer something of value but still make it free, such as an e-book, the newsletter you’re hoping to promote, or anything else, this always gives a visitor pause for serious thought, and can make them cross the line to an active customer.

Use Videos

A short, informative, well-produced video with the right production values and approach can do wonders for conversion rate optimization. In a lot of ways, a good video is like the ultimate brochure for your website, clearly explaining what your value proposition is in a short period of time, but in a dynamic, entertaining way.

Never create a video that’s too long, and try to budget your production to make it look and sound as professional possible. With a good video, you can add a lot of credibility to your website and convince some visitors on the fence to hop off and commit.

Display Trust Badges

There are a lot of websites out there that allow customers to “look out for each other,” and point each other in the direction of good businesses and products. Yelp, is one example of this, and a more formal one is the Better Business Bureau. You can secure “trust badges” from these sites that you can display on your own, clearly showing your positive ranking. When people see an endorsement from the BBB, they gain a lot more confidence about who they’re dealing with.

Create Urgency

One thing that makes people sit up and decide to take more positive action is when the clock is ticking. If you have a special offer you’d like to make, and it’s for a limited time only, emphasize the fact that time is limited. Put in a timer, or some other indicator that this will run out and this can help visitors to make a faster decision to engage with you.

Increase Your Business

Higher CRO can mean higher ROI, and Toledo SEO for Growth is here to help people with these goals. If you want to drive more people to your website and then convert them into active, engaged customers once they arrive, contact us today. We can help to see what the current state of your website is search engines and customers, then find ways to raise your standing.

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