How Voice Search Will Affect SEO

Studies show 40 percent of adults use voice search at least once a day to access applications on their devices. Very few people type the way

Get to Know Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

If you have not yet optimized your site for mobile access, now is the time to jump on board. Studies have shown that 58% of people accessing the inter

Get Ahead with These 4 SEO Trends

With each new year, marketers try to assess the newest SEO trends and predict what kinds of algorithm updates we can expect from Google. 2018 will bri

Authority Sculpting

How To Use A High Page Rank Page to Increase the Page Rank of Other Strategic Pages

For modern businesses, the need to promote, mar

Inbound Link Strategy—SEO That Works Approach

In the world of marketing and promotion, it is the search engine—usually Google—that has become a hot topic of focus and frustration. On the one h

[UPDATED] Top 10 Google Ranking Factors with Video

Google has become such a prominent product in our lives that the name of this company and its search engine has become synonymous with Internet activi

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