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How To Use A High Page Rank Page to Increase the Page Rank of Other Strategic Pages

For modern businesses, the need to promote, market and generate awareness of a product or service has had to contend with a new, very large, and now very prominent kid on the marketing block. The Internet in general, and the Google search engine in particular, has become a critical pillar for both marketing purposes and even a “first point of contact” for people to discover a new business.

If you want to have a solid marketing, promotion and advertising platform, it’s critical to make sure you take search engine optimization seriously. The Google search engine is now the most frequently used tool for research and discovery on the planet. You need to work with it in order to make yourself more easily found. One of the ways to do that is to get a high page rank, but this can actually be stepping stone to increasing the ranks of other pages on your website. Here’s how it works.

Google Looks At Pages, Not Websites

The most fundamental insight people looking at better SEO need to understand is that the Google search engine does not care about a website in its entirety. The first criteria that Google will use when evaluating the quality of any content is the single web page. Don’t take this to mean that you can have a website filled with blank pages or poor content. There is a complex series of algorithms and different conditions at work for how Google determines the relevancy and rank of web content.

In other words, Google will look at a particular page as the first point of contact, or the “foot in the door.” The rest of the website will have to deliver if you want to maintain a good rank based on that initial page. So what does this mean for you?

Authority Sculpting—It’s All in the Link

One of the criteria that Google uses when trying to determine a web page’s page rank is “inbound links.” This just means that other people have looked at the content on the web page, like it, and found it useful enough that they’ve decided to pass the information along to others and included a link to that web page.

It’s important to note, however, that the Google search engine has gotten increasingly more sophisticated at discerning the difference between “organic” links and exploits or other attempts to cheat the system. Organic links are when people naturally decide to link to your content, such as social media or other blog posts. Random inserts of links or other deliberate spam/marketing is quickly discovered, recognized and discarded when evaluating page rank. “Authority sculpting” is simply getting notable or influential people in your field to link to your specific web pages.

Your Stepping Stone

This means that if you create a web page that other people find useful and frequently cite as an inbound link, you have a great opportunity. That highly ranked page is going to be getting a lot of attention all by itself, and once people are there, on that single page, you can start to offer more. It means that you can be efficient about how you manage your web pages, and don’t have to make sure that every single one of them has been maximized to use inbound links.

By concentrating your efforts on a high page rank, you can put more energy into making sure it gets the recognition on social media or blogs with authorities in your field of interest to spread further awareness. As long as these pages have easy links and other ways to access the rest of the content on your website, this creates a natural “gateway” that leads to the rest of what your website offers. It’s important, however, to maintain a minimum level of similar quality. You can’t have a sudden “drop off” in quality, otherwise, visitors won’t stay on your website or look at your other content for very long.

What a high page rank page can do for you is allow you to be much more efficient about your SEO efforts. But you’ll still need relevant, useful, engaging content throughout your website to keep visitors there once they have arrived.

Be Seen and Heard

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