Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

The digital marketing landscape is endlessly shifting, so businesses must keep an eye on growing trends to ensure they can keep up in this dynamic industry. As consumer preferences and habits change, it is vital to implement new technology if you want your business to succeed. Maintaining a competitive edge includes embracing innovative changes in several aspects of your digital marketing, allowing you to reach your target customers and provide them with the valuable content they need.

Going into 2021, the most popular trends involve both the structure and technical optimization of your marketing campaign and the humanization of these ads, addressing current issues and tailoring content to appeal to specific audiences. Such trends include more emphasis on personalization, expanded SEO strategies, and following the EAT framework.

Read on to learn more about these trends and determine how you can apply them to your business marketing strategies throughout the upcoming year.

Enhanced Focus on Personalization

The first step in guaranteeing that potential consumers find your website is to make sure your information is revealed to the right audience in the appropriate channels. This is where customer segmentation becomes substantially valuable. Customer segregation involves inspecting potential consumers’ demographic characteristics and shopping behaviors, then using this information to place them in appropriate groups.

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Rather than creating a limited number of large marketing campaigns meant to target general audiences, you experience greater success if you create a vast variety of small marketing campaigns aimed toward specific audiences. The ability to personalize your advertising means users receive content tailored for them, increasing engagement, and improving the chances of generating a sale. Customer segmentation may be applied to ads on various sites, blog posts, and social media content across multiple platforms.

Expanded Organic SEO Strategies

One of the most far-reaching trends of 2021 with the greatest success is the expansion of organic SEO strategies. When online users submit a query into a search engine, the results that populate include both paid advertisements and “organic” results, or those with the highest relevance to the query. While paid search is certainly an effective way to advertise, a high ranking in organic SEO significantly enhances the likelihood that consumers are exposed to your business.

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Organic SEO, therefore, refers to the online marketing strategy aimed at improving your ranking in organic search results pages. It is comprised of several sub-strategies, including:

  • Developing an aesthetically pleasing website with simple navigation so that users can find information as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Optimizing the load time of your pages to prevent users from leaving your site.
  • Researching keywords to target, so users are appropriately directed to your business when searching for certain keywords or phrases.
  • Creating various content types, especially those with visual elements, to engage users and encourage them to purchase your products or services.
  • Link building, defined as building links to different pages within your site, allows for improved searching and indexing by search bots.
  • Add high-quality images to your website and tag them with descriptive text.
  • Include streaming video ads, currently considered the most popular and influential method of digital marketing.
  • Consider interactive content, such as shoppable posts, quizzes, video tours, and virtual reality options.
  • Repurpose content across several channels to expand the reach of your brand.

Why is organic SEO so vital to digital marketing? Most online consumers rely increasingly on online search engine results to find what they’re looking for—over 90% of online browsing begins with a search engine. A staggering 75% of searchers don’t look any further than the first page of these results. Organic traffic accounts for over 40% of revenue, with search engines such as Google providing eight times the closing rate found in traditional marketing methods.

EAT Framework for Google Rankings

To benefit from Google’s considerable marketing opportunities, you must ensure your website ranks highly on Google search results pages. There are specific steps you can take to accomplish this, outlined below by the E-A-T framework. This strategy consists of developing your business by concentrating on your brand’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

  • Expertise: Knowledge alone is not enough to drive traffic—you must know how to communicate this knowledge properly, so it engages your audience. Expertise involves being aware of exactly what your target audience wants and how you can most effectively provide them with this information. It is essential to find the right balance when creating content, meaning your information is thorough, simple, and digestible enough to understand and share.

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  • Authority: When your brand exposure spreads to the extent that other influential websites or experts cite your information, this means you have achieved a level of authority on your topic. Links from other sources considered authoritative serve as endorsements of your brand, extending your sphere of influence. The more widely and consistently, your content is shared, the more authority you possess in your field.
  • Trustworthiness: Expertise and authority matter little if your consumers do not consider your brand to be trustworthy. Your website should provide quality content on a secure domain and include important, easily accessible information that allows customers to contact you if they have any issues. Positive reviews from relevant sources significantly impact your brand’s trustworthiness by proving you deliver on your promises. In particular, Google My Business provides an especially valuable toolkit for business owners. Being verified on this channel allows you to deliver content on a regular schedule, claim your listings on results pages, edit material in real time, and quickly respond to users’ feedback.

Prepare Your Online Brand for 2021

The ever-changing field of digital marketing means your business must be aware of current trends and be ready to adapt so you can take advantage of them. Our experts can guide you through every step of creating and implementing strategies to increase the success of your business.

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