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Content Marketing Toledo OhioContent marketing may seem like an extraneous effort that your company doesn’t have to worry about, but if you want to attract a steady stream of new business, then this is the only sure-fire way to do it. Content marketing is about creating compelling, interesting, and informative stories—in the form of blogs, videos, whitepapers, webpage content, emails, and more—that bring new customers right to your door.

But content takes time, effort, skills, and resources that not all businesses can spare, so how can you take advantage of the benefits that it has to offer? The simple solution is Toledo SEO for Growth’s content marketing services, which will launch you headfirst into the world of inbound marketing.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you and a competitor both sell shoes at a store in town. And let’s say that you have a content marketing strategy in place that will ensure lead generation and conversions, so you blog each week about different shoe-related topics. So when a customer goes online looking for shoe stores in town, your site pops up first because you’ve been incorporating the right keywords into your blog.

Your competitor, on the other hand, doesn’t have a content marketing strategy in place and doesn’t rank on page one, so they aren’t seen by the customer. In the end, you’re the one that gets the sale, even though you and your competitor sell the same products. That’s the beauty of Toledo content marketing services.

Creating Valuable and Audience-Driven Content

In the example above, it’s easy to see the importance of creating content that will resonate with your target market. It wouldn’t do you any good as a shoe store owner to blog about candy all day long, because that’s not going to bring in your best customers (ones who want to buy shoes). We can help you identify your target audience and your best customers, and then help you determine what content will bring them to you, including brainstorming and researching:

  • Topics they’ll find interesting
  • Keywords they’re using to find products or services like yours
  • What tone and voice will best suit their personalities
  • Answers to their questions and solutions to the problems your potential customers are having
  • The types of products and services that will make their lives easier or more interesting

Creating the Most Impact with Wide Sharing

Once your interesting, shareable, and valuable content has been written, the next important step of any successful content marketing strategy is sharing and promoting, because there’s no other way to ensure it reaches your target audience. This includes posting content on your website, updating your blog, and sharing widely across all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Our Toledo content marketing services can help you create a content marketing strategy that will include everything from ideation to creation to sharing, and we know you’ll be thrilled with the results: more clients, better customers, better profits, and growth for your business.

Content Marketing Certification

Content Marketing Certification

In addition to achieving Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot, Patrick Giammarco recently completed the Content Marketing Master Class offered by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and has been designated as a content marketing specialist.

We were well-positioned before, but after completing CMI’s master content marketing course, we’re even more prepared to help our clients’ build teams and create content strategy that really moves the needle, commented Giammarco.

CMI’s master class is a set of 13 courses designed specifically for today’s marketing professional. The course includes intensive and comprehensive lessons on topics like how to build and engage an audience, how to create a channel plan, and how to measure success. Joe Pulizzi, the founder of CMI, points out that CMI’s course is the only one that provides tangible assets to work with instead of delivering just theories and tactics.

Content Marketing Specialist

Giammarco has spent close to 20 years creating innovative, memorable, and successful marketing campaigns focused on:

We are dedicated to helping clients create and promote content that drives awareness, creates trust and converts leads into customers. Content includes professional blogs and websites, as well as business-specific e-books, infographics and white papers.

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